Decorating the Home

Everyone dreams of owning their own home. Having someplace that is all your own is most definitely something that you should be very proud of and want to show off. One of the best ways that you can make your home even more appealing to your family and the guests that visit your home is to decorate it. So where do you get started?

First of all you need to have some idea in mind as to the style of decor that you prefer. This could be a minimalistic style of decorating, something modern or country in style or something reminiscent of another country such as Japan or France. You can even choose to combine a couple of complimentary styles to decorate your home with. Once you choose your style of decor you are all set to start looking for things to decorate your home with.

What is going on your walls and floors should be the first thing that you plan to get. When you think about your walls are you going to want to do a simple paint job, add wallpaper or do some combination of the two. If you like the idea of painted walls with just a little touch of wallpaper you can choose from all types of decorative wall boarders. Once you select what will be covering your walls with you can then move onto your flooring. You have many options with flooring. You can select from countless types of carpeting, tile flooring, wood flooring, concrete floors as well as natural stone flooring. What type you choose will vary depending on what type of decorative style you choose. As soon as the walls and flooring are taken care of, you are ready to start with fixtures and other decorations.

Looking for decorations and decorative fixtures is likely to be the most fun part of decorating your home. You can have a lot of fun doing some research on the particular style that you want to decorate your home and to see what is commonly used. Then you can plan on what you would like to add to your home while putting your own unique twist on it. There are many places both locally and online where you can find excellent home d├ęcor that will fit into all kinds of decorating budgets.

One thing you must remember at all times while you are decorating your home, unless you have been given the OK to be completely in charge you will need to take your partner/spouse’s input on how the home is decorated. Nothing would be worse then to decorate a room just how you like it only to find out that your other half isn’t so crazy about your design choices. While not everyone is going to be OK with every home decorating choice everyone should be in agreement with most of it. This will save a lot of fighting and make decorating your home go much more smoothly. That way you will have a great looking house and a happy family.

Country Home Decorating

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When choosing a theme or style for decorating your home, there are many to pick from. One of the most popular decorating themes today is country home decorating. Perhaps it is the most popular because it provides an inviting atmosphere and overall friendly feeling. Country home decorating, because of its cosy environment, is enjoyed by the people who live there as well as all those who visit.

As with any home decorating project, a homeowner must first decide where they want to use country home decorating. Some people choose to use this theme throughout their entire home while other decide to use country home decorating focusing on just one or two rooms, for example the kitchen and the living room. Because this style is meant for people who enjoy simplicity and the nature, some homeowners may decide to carry the country decorating theme through the entire living space.

Country home decorating combines colors which are clean and bright with country furniture and accessories. When choosing colors for country home decorating, light to medium shades of white, yellow, pink, green or brown are good choices. Colors should reflect a rustic feeling. To add to the painted walls, a homeowner or decorator may decide to use stencils with country character such as flowers or plants, fruits or vegetables. Wallpaper boarders are also often used in country home decorating. It is fine to use these additions but the rule of thumb is to make certain the patterns do not clash.

In keeping with a rustic and simple theme, country home decorating uses wood, natural wood. When deciding on a material for a country floor, natural wood is a nice choice. Of course using natural wood throughout a large area can be costly. If looking for a less-expensive way to give floors a country look, a light shade of carpet might be considered or laminate flooring. These options would also work well with the country home decorating theme. Other suggestions for country floors are flagstone or tile. Some homeowners, if they are really creative, decorate their floors with stencils and create patterns. Another great way to jazz up a space is to use area rugs. In keeping with the country home decorating theme, those with an authentic look create a warm and cozy feeling. Hooked, quilted and braided rugs make beautiful additions to a country floor.

In addition when choosing furniture to compliment country home decorating, light wood or wicker is suggested. Again, these materials reflect the beauty of nature. If a homeowner or decorator decides fabric would accent their furniture, such as cushions or slip covers, floral patterns or checkered fabrics add to the authentic look.

After all, accessorizing a room always adds to its beauty. When buying accessories to fit in with a country home decorating theme, it is good to keep in mind the type of atmosphere you are trying to create, a warm and inviting space. Simplicity goes a long way in country home decorating. It is recommended to never use too many decorations and choose accessories that family and friends will enjoy. Photos in simple wooden frames, plain mirrors, plants and fragrant candles dress up country home decorating. Window treatments should also be simple. Lace or shutters give a cozy country feel. Country home decorating can be interesting and fun. Perhaps the main detail to keep in mind is simplicity. Try not to over-decorate, remember too many patterns will clash. Too many decorations will eliminate the amount of space in a room. Country home decorating creates a relaxing and friendly environment, meant to be warm and cozy.

Wooden Letters – They Make Great Decorations

Wooden letters can become great decorative focal points or simple accents for any room, but are most often used in the nursery. There are other ideas for using letters made of wood throughout your entire home. Let’s look at how this simplistic decorative touch can make a difference in your home.

In the Nursery

Wall letters made of wood in a baby’s or child’s room can not only be beautifully decorative, but can also be a good way to teach your child the alphabet. The most common use for this product is to spell out the child’s name upon the wall, but you can also find full alphabet sets of letters that your child can use to rearrange and spell words with for a fun learning activity. You might also spell out different things upon the child’s wall, like “love” or “faith” for instance.

In the Family Room

Wooden letters in the family room can be used to spell out the family’s surname, or a quality that the family holds dear, such as “hope” or “joy”. You can find letters that will coordinate with your current style of decorating. There are many different colors of letters available, or you can find letters that are left to their natural wood finish, or stained to match wooden furniture within the room.

On the Exterior

Wooden letters on the exterior of the home can be incorporated with wooden numbers to spell out your address on an outdoor sign, mail box post, or other area. This provides people who are trying to find your address with an easier way to find you – and is more attractive than metal or stick on letters. You will find that the exterior wooden letters on the market are durable and coated with weather-resistant varnishes that will keep the material from weathering away or becoming damaged by moisture.

Where to Buy

You can find these types of letters as decorative accents at many home supply stores and decorating centers. You can also order these letters online when shopping with a number of retailers.

Homemade Wooden Letters

You can also opt to make your own letters if you are handy with woodworking tools. You can find templates in craft supply stores, or you can find templates that are printable online. The cheapest way to get the wooden letters that you need may be to make them yourself, and you have the advantage of being able to customize the letters to your particular taste.